MSNBC Calls Recent Trump Tweet The Most Truthful Tweet Ever And They Are Completely Right

MSNBC is normally a very liberal station. Joe Scarborough, host of ‘Morning Joe’, however claims to be a Republican, though some would argue that he is a Republican In Name Only. They discussed the recent threats that liberals have been sending electors who were planning on rightfully voting for Trump.

“If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!” tweeted Trump. The cast of Morning Joe heavily agreed with this statemtn.

“That’s the truest Trump tweet I think ever. This will be a divisive day rather than a day where we have a constitutionally mandated moment … that people who voted for Trump will be very happy about,” said
guest Mark Halperin, author of “Game Change”

“It’s great for people to try to speak out and affect the electors, that’s their constitutional right.

But to threaten violence or make claims about their responsibilities…” he said.

“In terms of the accuracy, if Trump supporters had done this and Hillary Clinton had won, I mean … we in the media would continue to be crushing his supporters,” said Panel member Mike Barnicle. Some electors have discussed the abusive letters they would receive. “You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die’. I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I’ve received dozens and dozens of those emails. Even the non-threatening-my-life emails are very aggressive.” elector Michael Banerian said.

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